Zalaxie - "Let there be light..."

Electricity generation has been listed as one of the major causes of pollution. Use of non renewable sources of energy has led to the contamination of air, earth and water. The result is visible now in the form of weather and temperature change and it is said that with the current rate, all the present resources will get exhausted in another 50 years.

Zalaxie is an initiation towards providing a cleaner and sustainable environment. We provide solar outdoor solutions for the commercial and residential areas. Our products are not only known for their efficiency but for their beauty as well. We have a special designing team that takes care of the needs and the demand trend to offer the best.

We have variety of products that not only utilise solar energy to fulfill your daily electricity needs but also are attractive in designs and pleasing to the eyes. We have our own manufacturing and designing team which makes sure that you get the best. Our products lie in the following category:

▪ Street lights
▪ Garden lights
▪ Wall lights
▪ Decorative lights
▪ Floor light
▪ Step light
▪ Roof Top solution