Ways to reduce your plastic waste today

Easy ways to reduce the plastic waste in daily routine!

It is very difficult to break up with plastic nowadays as it is found virtually in every possible thing. It is used as a packaging material. All the gadgets surrounding you have the elements of plastic. Infact you maybe chewing the plastic in the form of a gum. Even though it is said that some categories of plastic could be recycled, the research says that the plastic can only be downcycled. In short, a plastic chair can never be recycled to form another chair but a product with a lower quality plastic. 

These forms end up into a non recyclable material. These degraded shapes do no good but help in degrading the environment even further!

Thinking how can we contribute in to reduce the plastic waste? Feel good! We do have some low hanging fruits that can make a huge difference eventually! Following are some very easy ways on how you could get started!

Bring your own shopping bag

Research says that approximately 1 million plastic bags are being used every minute around the world! Even though Government has been trying hard to pull the numbers back and discourage the use of plastic bags, people have not been cooperating enough to make it a success. Bringing your own shopping bag along would discourage the use of plastic bags and inspire others to adopt the same.


Stop buying water bottles

Fact states that human produce almost 20,000 water bottles per second. You can imagine the difference one could make by just incorporating one change in the daily routine! It’s an easy change that every individual could work upon.


Avoid using disposable plastic razors

Believe it or not a small item like razor also contributes in significant eco degradation. Join hands and adopt one of the multiple ways to reduce this waste! One of the easiest way is to replace just the blades.


Rethink about your food storage  

Plastic bags, wraps and containers are worth re-evaluation. Think of innovative ways by which you can make your kitchen environment friendly. Why can’t we replace the plastic zipper bags for wrapping stuff with the jars and glass containers for storing? We definitely can!  


Use natural exfoliators!

Microplastics are in the form of tiny particles that are very difficult to filter out. They are also added to our daily cosmetics such as toothpastes and face wash. These chuks are added as exfoliators but eventually, they end up in the wastewater. Wastewater treatment facilities are not able to filter these out. You can avoid such products by checking on the ingredients of the cosmetics and avoiding “polypropylene” or “polyethylene” in it.