UNITED KINGDOM passed 1000 hours of coal-free power in 2018

UK has made a significant move in shifting its energy source. But will the country be able to survive the progress? Evidently yes!

The Guardian reports that, in just half a year span of 2018, UK has crossed 1000 hours in utilising coal free energy. This fact becomes more impressive when when we compare it with the coal free hours of the country in the previous years.

“The UK leads the world in tackling climate change and this shows the time of unabated coal fired electricity is being ended by a cleaner, greener future increasingly powered by renewable energy.”, said a spokesperson at the Department for Business, energy and Industrial strategy.

Britain has always been at par in their contributions towards a better and a greener world. Taking facts into consideration, UK has not stopped after the achievement of “Victorian Era” CO2 emissions, or the offshore wind utilisation report over the last decade. Now, the real challenge for UK lies in taking this transition to the other sectors of the economy such as transportation and heating. Scorching coal usage may be a low hanging fruit but it definitely inspires us to keep the vision high for a greener world.

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