Led Rope Light

This rope light is a very innovative design that can give your space a very eye catching look
These are very easy to shape and mould: Newest Clear and Small Battery Box That is Easy to Hide Requires 3 AA Batteries.
ENERGY EFFICIENT,NO HEAT PROBLEMS:The urltra slim thin copper wire,Bendable but Sturdy Wire with LED Lights is waterproof.
WATERPROOF : Completely Waterproof , Suitable for Underwater Applications (Not Battery box)
Warranty: The warranty period of this light is for 1 year

Model number: 2A-20L10CMZF
These are special created hand made real rope with Bridgelux LED light in 2 meter length and 20 LEDs. The length could be customised according to your needs. The warranty over this light is for 1 year


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