Some of our projects are as following:

Greenwood city Society, Gurugram, Haryana










We have installed solar street lights of 15W in Greenwood city society, Gurugram. It is a unitech society which now runs on the wireless, hassle free solar integrated street lights. The residents are very happy with the performance of the light and are now planning to get these lights installed in many other Unitech group projects. We received the following recognition letter for out service in the society.

Covered a village in Kakrighat, Uttarakhand for social cause

We covered a village in Kakrighat in Uttarakhand state with our 15W lights for a social cause in association with Vivekanand Seva Samiti. Now the village that was struggling to get electricity, enjoys hassle free light in dark hours










Solar street lights covered in various societies in Odisha

We have covered various different locations in Odisha state with our solar street lights of 15W and 20W









In public parks, Karnal

We have installed our 20W street lights in the public parks of Karnal wherein getting the wires assembled was a hassle. Now civilians can enjoy the light in dark hours and dont have to worry about the maintenance and electricity cuts







Nagaon, Assam

We have completed a large street light government project in Nagaon area in Assam wherein we supplied the 15W lights as well as the poles at the site. The street lights were highly recognised by the authorities as well as the civilians.


The Cloyster Resort, Jim Corbet, Uttarakhand



We have installed our garden and street lights in the Cloyster resort, Jim Corbet, Uttarakhand and have been recognised by many visitors for the attractive designs and utility of our products. We have installed the garden lights of 40W and 40 street lights of 9W each. The management at the resort claim to have saved approximately 50,000 INR in the installation process and they plan to save approximately 35,000 INR per annum by this change. Also, this installation has been a major marketing asset for their resort promotion.



Exhibiting Solar excellence in International Solar Alliance

Zalaxie was chosen as the only team to represent solar technology and its most advanced products at the Parliament House, Delhi at the event of International solar alliance. The presidents of 40 different countries participated and acknowledged the innovative solar products of our team!

Sector 52, Gurugram, Haryana

Our 20W lights have been installed in sector 52, Gurugram, Haryana and residents are acknowledging the maintenance free solar lights a lot.










Solar integrated lights in Club Mahindra

Zalaxie has been recognised for offering products with consistent performance and high efficiency. The products have been acknowledged by the Mahindra group and thus have been installed in many of their projects. Their Gir resort and Corbett resort have been covered by Zalaxie solar integrated lights

Solar garden lights at IMT Manesar, Sector 3, Haryana

We laid our garden Solar lights at IMT Manesar, Haryana wherein people highly acknowledged the convenience of installation of lights as well as the efficiency of the lights laid. Such people with futuristic approach give us the hope for the progressive India

Solar integrated street light project in Gurdaspur, Punjab

We did a street light project in Gurdaspur, Punjab wherein we installed our 15W all in one solar street lights on the village connecting roads. We were responsible for not only the lights but the associated poles as well. This project was of 700 lights and we were able to illuminate the village roads wherein the supply of electricity was very difficult.